Building Your Vacation Rental at Lago Gatun Fincas

The Short Term Vacation Rental Businesses have become more popular than ever. People are looking for unique locations to visit across the globe. The Vacation Rental Business is an exciting adventure, with opportunities to meet new people, learn new cultures and earn money!

With a Short Term Vacation Rental Business you will be able to rent out your spot to multiple people within the same year, and you have a recurring revenue in the top seasons in which guests pay top rental prices. Lastly, it gives you a great flexibility in working hours.

Lago Gatun Fincas offers an incredible value to those who want to start a Vacation Rental Business. The unique location allows guests to live like a local in the impeccable nature of Lago Gatun which will keep making an unforgettable impression to local and foreigner visitors.

Lago Gatun Fincas is where your guests can experience the best that Gatun Lake area has to offer. With some of the best scenery, outstanding fishing spots, a wide variety of animals, impeccable lake views, amazing landscapes, hiking routes, and local food.

The nature surrounded area in one of the incredible landmarks of Panama offers the perfect spot to build a cabin, home, cottage or villa. Have your guests fish on the lake, mountain bike through the hills, and explore nature by horse.

Platforms such as Airbnb and allow you to list your Vacation Rental which will help you to reach both the local and international market.

Without a doubt, Lago Gatun will offer a unique experience to your guests which can’t be found anywhere else.