Education in Panama: Choosing the right school

Education: Choosing the right school

This is a very important factor when moving with children. While the public school system in Panama is severely lacking in resources, there are a number of private schools that rival any of their contemporaries in North America or Europe. Tuition fees can range anywhere from $600 – $3,000 per year, or $100 $300 per month, depending on the school.

Most schools follow either the North American September June schedule or the Panamanian schedule of March to December. There are many top private schools that teach exclusively in English, but you can also find schools with a bilingual option, with the idea that your children will learn Spanish.

College and higher education

There are many university-level education options in Panama, but very few universities offer transferable credits to U.S. universities. The two most popular US-equivalent universities are Quality Leadership University and Florida State University-Panama. So if you are studying, or have a child studying in a North American university during your move, transferring credits and degrees shouldn’t be an issue.

Local universities

There are also some other decent local universities, including the University of Panama, and the Technological University of Panama. Tuition fees vary depending on the student, scholarships, and public education aid, but generally, you will pay anywhere from $200-$1,000 per month, plus books.