Keeping horses in Panama: Cost and requirements

Going to one of the most prestigious real estate agencies in Panama with the purpose of buying land and, in it, caring for and enjoying your horses is a possibility at your fingertips. In fact, this is what we want to talk about from Panama Portfolio, a developer of real estate communities in Panama with more than 12 years of experience in the sector.

The maintenance of horses inside fincas in Panama

Let us suppose that, within the fincas for sale in Panama, you have found the perfect residential for you and are about to buy a horse. In this sense, it must take into account the age and activity of the animal to assume the cost of feeding.

Adult males, as well as mares in gestation, consume 2% of their body weight per day in food. On the other hand, foals and lactating mares can consume 2.5% of their weight each day, while ponies eat 1.5% of their weight per day on average.

Let’s think that you have already found the house near the lake for sale, you have bought it and you have brought there an adult specimen of 600 kilograms of weight. The horses eat, mainly, feed and fodder in a proportion of three parts of feed for every two of forage.

That horse will eat, on average, 9 kilograms of feed and 6 kilograms of forage per day. At one month, 270 kilograms of feed and 180 kilograms of forage. Of course, many fincas for sale in Panama, being sustainable fincas, have enough area to grow alfalfa.

The forage is usually sold in alpacas whose cost is $ 10; the feed, in bags of 10 kilograms, for $ 15 on average. Therefore, the animal needs about $ 800 a month in food. You must also have rooms in Panama in which to store these foods.

Veterinary care

The Panamanian Ministry of Agricultural Development, which is responsible for the control of horses, does not require compliance with too many requirements for those who wish to have these animals on their properties in Panama. In fact, it does not require that the land for sale in Panama comply with certain characteristics. However, it does force the horses to be vaccinated against a series of diseases in order to prevent their spread.

When you buy your home in any of these fincas in Panama and bring your horse or buy it here, you will have to give him three vaccines once a year. Each of them has an approximate cost of $ 35.

For its part, you must also deworm it. The annual treatment amounts to about $ 25. To this, we must add, that the dentist must visit it once every two years (approximately $ 60). You will also have to save some budget for possible contingencies that may arise to the animal within your rural community in the lake and that require veterinary attention.

Other expenses derived

Once you find between the Villas close to the lake of Panama the perfect location for your weekend house or residence and to have your horse, you must take into account another series of expenses. Of course, they are derived from maintenance aspects that, in many cases, you can perform yourself. Bear in mind also that, since these are fincas with solar panels, some of them will also have a lower cost than usual.

First of all, you have to mention stables. These communities of fincas in Panama, in many cases, have some of their own, so you will not have to worry about rent. In case the vicinity of Lago Gatun Fincas does not have it, it can cost about $ 150 per month.

It also has to take into account the horseshoes, whose maintenance amounts to about $ 50 every two months. On the other hand, if you want to train your horse in one of the fincas in Lake Panama, you must add between $ 200 and $ 300 more, depending on the case. Finally, it is advisable to have, within these rural communities in Panama, insurance for the horse whose annual cost is between $ 80 and $ 100.

Or, if you prefer, hire a company

If you do not feel like it or can not take care of the horse yourself, you can always hire an outside company to take responsibility for it for you. This is the case, for example, of the Pony Club Panama. Their rates can be around $ 1200 per month, but they will let you worry about everything.

Housing communities in Panama perfect for horses

If you are looking for fincas in Panama to enjoy your horses, these sustainable real estate communities are ideal for you. They will place you in incomparable places such as those around Lake GatĂșn.

You should also know that from Panama Portfolio we can offer you the visa services in Panama that you need if you come from abroad. In this way, you will not have any legal obligation to enjoy these spectacular large fincas in Panama. In short, real estate facing the lake capable of making your dreams come true.