Panama Has Banned the Usage of Plastic Bags

By the Decree-Law 1 of January 19, 2018, Panama joins 60 countries worldwide to ban plastic bags to try and control environmental pollution. With this policy, Panama is following the example of countries in the region, such as Chile and Colombia.

The law, of which the sanctions went in effect by July 20, 2019, prohibits the use of plastic bags made of polyethylene provided in supermarkets and general stores across Panama. These supermarkets and stores have to stop using the traditional polyethylene plastic bags per direct, while commercial stores will have until 2020 to adhere to the new policy.

The Panamanian government stated that penalties will be given for non-compliance. However, there are cases in which the use of plastic bags are allowed for hygienic reasons, such as with raw food.

With this sanction, Panama tries to preserve the tropical nature of the country, while joining the global movement against plastic. Join the movement by helping out at the events organized by Green Footprints Panama. More information here.