Panama, the Pacific, and Atlantic Paradise

Panama is located on an isthmus, connecting North America and South America. On the Northside of Panama, you will find the charming coast side of the Caribbean Sea and on the South the Pacific Ocean. Panama borders on the west with Costa Rica, and on the east with Colombia.

Panama is principally recognized for the Panama Canal, it’s magnificent rain forests, the biodiversity, and its beautiful beaches. Panama arose over 3 million years ago from the sea, and divided an ocean in two; the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Panama is the principal connection between North and South America, and the main maritime route between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Besides, Panama offers more species of birds and trees than the entire North of America.

Panama’s narrowest stretch between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans is the only 80KM! On the Atlantic side of Panama (Caribbean), the country offers more than 1,200 Km of the coast and a wide variety of beaches. The Atlantic side of Panama includes world-famous destinations such as San Blas and Bocas del Torro. The closest city on the Atlantic side from the Metropolitan of Panama is Colon, which sits at the entrance of the Panama Canal (Gatun Locks).

The Panamanian Pacific Ocean covers 1,700 Km of the coast with a wide variety of beaches and resorts. With a ferry from Panama City, you can take day trips to beautiful destinations such as Taboga Island and the Pearl Islands. Just one hour from Panama City, on the Pacific side of Panama, you will find beautiful resorts and communities such as Buenaventura, Bijao, and Coronado Golf. Further up the road, you will find magnificent surf spots such as Santa Catalina and Playa Venao.

Panama is a country that offers a lot for both the activity seeker as the tranquil life enjoyer. All across Panama, you will encounter perfect spots for rainforest tours, surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking, camping, and bird watching.