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Project Visits with Panama Portfolio; What to expect.

Panama Portfolio offers multiple projects across Panama. Panama is a land with diverse sceneries.  At Panama Portfolio we offer projects that meet these landscapes, at top locations from the province of Chiriqui to Panama Oeste. 

Our projects include complete beach and mountain communities to individual pieces of land close to the beach in San Carlos and lakefront properties in Arenosa. 

Every area has its individual charms. Our team of Sales Advisor plan tailored project visits for those who are interested to experience the unique sceneries of the areas such as Lago Gatun, Campana, San Carlos or the beach area of Chiriqui. 

You can simply schedule a project visit via this link. One of our Sales Advisors will reach out to you to confirm the date of the visit and arrange (if required) the pickup so you can have a stress free day while exploring our projects.

In most cases, the project visits start between 8 and 9 AM at which we leave the city of Panama. During the ride to the projects, our Sales Advisors will give you brief information about where you are heading to, the project, and answer any questions you already may have.

Upon arrival at the project, our Sales Advisors take you through the different areas while you are being surrounded by the beautiful nature Panama has to offer. Sit down, close your eyes, and hear the sound of the surrounding area.  

If you are interested in a specific lot, we will walk through it so you can explore the extent of the land. If you don’t know which lot you like most, no worries! Our Sales Advisors will explain the characteristics of each lot to meet your preferences. 

Once you have explored the area and experienced the unique scenery we head back and bring you back to the city. At the end of the day, our Sales Advisors will send you an email summarizing the visit and providing additional information.

Are you interested in visiting one of our projects? You can easily schedule a project visit via this link