Puente del Atlántico: Panama’s Third Bridge Across the Canal

On August 2, 2019, the third bridge over the Panama Canal will be opened by the Panama Canal Authority. The bridge named “Puente del Atlántico” is located in Colon. Just in front of the Gatun Locks.

The 4,605-meter long bridge includes a total of 4 lanes and connects the east and west part of the Atlantic side of Panama. The bridge allows vehicles to cross the Panama Canal while the large container ships are passing through the Gatun Locks into the Atlantic.

The construction of the new bridge is led by the Panama Canal Authority and constructed by VINCI Construction. The project has an investment of $ 379 million and will be maintained by the Panama Canal Authority. To avoid interference with the operations of the Gatun Locks all construction works have been carried out 75 meters above sea level.

Details regarding the bridge, provided by VINCI Construction:

  • Located 3KMs north of Gatun Locks
  • An Arc of 530 Meters
  • A total length of 4,605 meters
  • 75 Meters above sea level