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Lotes de Piedras Gordas – Lot 05

Piedras Gordas is a collection of 8 beautifully located lots within 10 minutes from the beach of La Ermita. The lots range in size between 800 – 1700 m2 and are available starting at only 39.000$. These large lots at Piedras Gordas have excellent flat topography and beautiful views of the surrounding nature. 

Lot Number 05 can be found in the back of the fenced terrain of Lotes de Piedras Gordas. With a total size of 1711 M2, Lot 05 is the biggest lot available. This amount of M2 gives you sufficient space to build a villa with a pool and a guest house (or for the housemaid). With the location in the back of the enclosed terrain, you will enjoy maximum privacy while embracing the impeccable panoramic view of the surrounding nature. The price of this lot is $79.000, which comes down to $46.17 per M2.

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$ 79,000


1711 M2