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Lotes de Piedras Gordas

Piedras Gordas is a collection of 8 beautifully located lots within 10 minutes from the beach of La Ermita. The lots range in size between 800 – 1700 m2 and are available starting at only 39.000$.

These large lots at Piedras Gordas have excellent flat topography and beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The area where the lots are located is reachable over a paved road, however, there are no paved paths to each individual lot.

Piedras Gordas is located in one of the most popular beach areas (not to confuse with the name alike ‘Piedras Gordas’ in the mountainside) of Panama, just 25 minutes from Coronado, and 20 minutes from Santa Clara. In the nearby area, you will find several schools and supermarkets.

If you like to live or spend your weekends in one of the most attractive beach areas of Panama, just two hours from Panama City, Piedras Gordas is unquestionably worth considering.