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Puerto Beach Residence

Puerto Armuelles is one of the only beach side towns in Panama. Forgotten by the rest of the country, the government now is investing large sums of money in this peninsula near the Costa Rica border. This area has everything it takes for a strong economic boom. It is home to the deepest natural deep sea port of central America. It has Panama’s only transcontinental pipeline, and oil storage facility. There is a planned container port and the Panamanian government has established a trade free zone with substantial tax incentives. A brand new 4 lane highway to this area is being constructed.

Puerto Armuelles is at the brink of an economic boom. Puerto Beach Residences will be the only beach front gated community in the middle of all this activity. Puerto Beach Residences will be the only one offering living in a protected area, with luxury homes and condos, and a private beach club.