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Taboga Island

In front of Panama City, a pearl in the rough. The only inhabited island close to shore, only a 20 minute boat ride away.

Taboga island is called the island of the flowers. Only 20 minutes away from Panama City, and yet a completely different world. A mix of golden beaches, pristine jungle and a spectacular coastline. A pearl in the rough, it’s potential not yet exploited. It is compared to the Island of Capri in Italy and Belvedere, California. At this moment only a few small hotels and no luxury living is available. It is a potential waiting to be sparked. Mayor Alfredo Alemán (Grupo Pueblos) acquired the main beach point. He is seen as one of the most successful developers of Panama with a vision that has proven to be right time after time. The expectation is once he initiates development on Taboga, property values will soar.

Project vision: Exclusive Jungle Lodge resort with 80 individual luxury jungle cabins/tents, many of them with ocean front or views.

Situated on a secluded part of the island of Taboga, only 20 minutes from Panama City, nestled in pristine breathtaking jungle nature with Ocean views, and a spectacular coastline.