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Countless Activities at Lago Gatun Fincas

At Lago Gatun Fincas, you are one with nature. Hike through the lake bordering lands and enjoy the surrounding nature. Relax on your lawn, cast your rod at the lake and end the day with a lovely evening with a beautiful sunset over the lake.

  • 30 beautiful fincas at the shores of Lake Gatún near the village of Arenosa
  • Starting at $ 6.37/M2 at top lakefront locations.
  • Perfect for nature lovers who like hiking, fishing and horsing.

Surrounded by greenery

The area of Lago Gatun Fincas offers endless opportunities for enjoying the tranquil countryside of Panama and being together. Walk together across the area of Lago Gatun or go fishing with the whole family. After an active day in the fresh air, you can relax on your Finca.

Fishing at Gatun Lake: Peacock Bass everywhere!

Image a creature that will show no mercy when hooked and will go off like a rocket, ripping line off your reel immediately, now we are talking peacock bass fishing! Read everything about fishing in Gatun lake here

Horse Riding

There are several very important Panamanian equestrian schools. When investing in properties in Panama, the best idea is to settle in the central region of the country, such as the Gatun Lake area. From there it is possible to move in all directions with ease to reach the clubs and riding centers. Find out more here

Bird Watching

Take your boat from the dock at Lago Gatun Fincas and sail on the lake, or go for a hike through the hills to explore the variety of birds that call Gatun Lake home. A full list of birds that can be spotted can be found here.

The number of activities at Lago Gatun Fincas is countless, but one thing is for sure; Lago Gatun Fincas is the place to be for nature lovers who enjoy an active lifestyle while being in full escape from the buzzing city. 

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