How to get to Lago Gatun Fincas

A two-hour (73.8 km) drive from Panama City brings you to the breathtaking area of Lago Gatun Fincas. While leaving the city you will cross either the ‘Puente de Las Americas’ or ‘Puente Centenario’. Both bridges cross the Panama Canal and connect the city with the Pan-American Highway crossing throughout Panama.

After only 15-minutes you will pass one of the first towns named ‘Arraiján’, which exists a large number of suburban neighborhoods for commuting workers of Panama City.

Westland Mall

Just 10 minutes of Arraiján you pass by “Westland Mall”, which is the most nearby mall to Lago Gatun Fincas and covers a wide variety of local and international shops, a cinema, and a food court.

From Westland Mall, it takes about 10 minutes to reach “La Chorrera”. La Chorrera is a city and district in central Panama, located about 30 km south-west of Panama City. At the height of “Alto del Espino” you take a right and drive all the way up to “Fonda Coloraeña”, a local spot just 8KM from Lago Gatun Fincas, where you will find breakfast and lunch for great prices. In the same street, you will find a small local supermarket named “Mini Súper 4 Estrella”, which provides the daily basics.

Road to Lago Gatun Fincas

On the corner of “Fonda Coloraeña” you take a left, onto an unpaved road, the final 3.4KM of this road requires a 4X4 to reach the hearth of Lago Gatun Fincas.

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