Panama: the fishing paradise

To say that Panama stands out for its fishing activity is not an exaggeration, since the word Panama was, for the Indians, synonymous with an abundance of fish. Nowadays, sport fishing attracts thousands of fans from all over the world, positioning the country as one of the main destinations to buy land near lakes or a house in the center of Panama.

There are several reasons that make the country an idyllic destination for fishing. One of them is the great diversity of fish that harbor the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific, where a sporty style of capture and release is practiced; Another is the great attraction that Gatun Lake and Barro Colorado Island represent for the fishermen because of the extensive communities of fincas in Panama that are located in this area; and, finally, because the country has 250 world records in this activity.

Imagine fishing next to lakefront properties

Gatun Lake is one of the main destinations for sport fishermen. Currently, the area is partially inhabited and prestigious properties of Panama are located, especially for being sustainable fincas with the most glamorous rooms in Panama.

If you choose to live in the rural community on the lake, where the large fincas of Panama are located, you will have the chance to practice your favorite sport at any time of the day, with a variety of fish species, such as merlin, sail, the dorado, the tuna, the snapper, the rooster, the bojalá and the whaoo.

If you are a fishing lover, having one of the fincas in the Lake of Panama is synonymous with living 24 hours connected with your passion. In addition to this area, where the most modern housing communities are located in Panama, spaces for sport fishing are many, but, fortunately, all very close to sustainable real estate.

Where to fish near the fincas fincas in Panama

In the rural communities of Panama, you will find the new fincas of Panama and, from there, you can quickly go to the most renowned fishing areas. Some of them are, for example, Piñas Bay, where you will find different kinds of merlines, such as black, golden and the roosterfish fighter. There have also been registered the best marks of capture of merlines and sailfish largest in the world.

Another example, very close to the fincas with solar panels of Lake Gatún that are part of the fincas for sale in Panama, is the Perlas archipelago, formed by approximately 39 islands and 100 fincas. There you will spot dolphins, whales, sea turtles and whale sharks. On the other hand, we have the Gulf of Chiriquí with the presence of black merlin as the “vedete” of the place.

Also, if you invest in real estate in front of the lake, as in the fincas for sale in Panama, you can sail to Bocas del Toro, where not only are its waters special for sport fishing, but also for diving and dolphin watching and other species such as the ray blanket, the barracuda and the golden fish. Finally, the Escudo de Veraguas is another destination with a large number of marine species ideal for sport fishing. So, what do you expect to reserve your house in front of the lake for sale?

Permits to fish

If you have decided to live in one of the villas in Lake Panama or if you are currently evaluating the different visa services in Panama, you must take into account that by Decree-Law 17 of 1959, the country approves the export of products fishing, but with an emphasis on protecting flora and fauna.

The current law establishes that any natural or legal person, whether Panamanian or foreign investment in any of the real estate of Panama, can fish freely in all waters and territorial sea, with its respective license.

On the other hand, this same regulation prohibits the realization of sports activity in salt pans, artificial beaches for fish farming and in public aqueduct ponds. In addition, it eliminates the permission to fish crustaceans or mollusks.

Documentation needed to fish

If you are a foreigner and you are not domiciled in any of the fincas of Panama, you may obtain the fishing license, but with the exclusion of shrimp, pearl and mother-of-pearl shells. Once you become a creditor of one of the fincas for sale in Panama, the requirements to develop the sport will be much more flexible.

The documents that must be submitted are the following: form for the riparian fishing permit, four balboas for tax stamps and, if it is a legal entity with fincas in Panama, you will need to fill out the sworn declaration of the owner of the ship, submit a photocopy of the card of the owner of the boat and the purchase document of the boat.

To consult for any of the properties in Panama, do not hesitate to contact the real estate agencies of Panama to receive advice. If, on the other hand, you have already chosen without hesitation, to build your home in one of the lands for sale in Panama, the community developer Panama Portfolio has the necessary experience to make your dream come true.

The lifestyle of Gatun Lake is absolutely different from what you can experience in the city. Surrounded by nature, comfort and good weather, Lake Gatún is one of the best places to live in harmony with the environment and at a temperature of between 20 and 30 ºC throughout the year.

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