The secret mountain bike trails of Gatun Lake

Throughout and across the area, where the Estates are located near Lake Gatun, hiking and mountain biking activities are preferred by many. Variety of sporting events are held with the participation of members of the rural community in the lake and thousands of native and foreign people who meet every year.

As hiking and mountain biking are sports disciplines that allow the fusion of exercise and contact with nature, the Gatun Lake area and its islands, such as Barro Colorado, meet all the requirements. For this and many other advantages of the site, buy one of the beautiful fincas in Panama, to be part of the properties facing the lake, is a desire that many glimpses.

Discover the trails of Camino de Cruces

This national park, located just one hour from the fincas on the lake in Panama, offers plenty of ways to satisfy the vice of the walk. One of them is the Capricorn trail, where you can see animals such as marmosets, sloths and a variety of bird species. Following the route, you will find the trail El mirador, whose name is due to the panoramic view of the forest and the capital city.

If you are a member of the rural communities in Panama, you will not have to travel all in one day, which would be too exhausting. Due to the proximity of the Gatun Panama fincas to the national park, you can return the following days to walk the trail The park rangers, where you will appreciate a captivating view of the locks of Pedro Miguel and Miraflores, belonging to the famous canal.

Exploring the SoberanĂ­a national park

Also, just an hour and a half from the fincas of Panama in the city of Gatun, you will discover a trek through the jungle of approximately 4 kilometers. During the tour, you will have the chance to see some of the 105 species of mammals and 525 species of birds, including the black falcon eagle and the black-faced woodpecker.

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The enigmas of the Island of the Monkeys

For this excursion, if you are staying in a house in the center of Panama, you will get different departures by boat that will take you on a chain of islands in the middle of the canal. In them live various species of monkeys, such as the famous howlers. And continuing that journey, you will arrive to the Embera indigenous village, to enjoy a traditional lunch with music and live dancing.

Participate in sporting events at Gatun Lake

From the rooms in Panama, more precisely those located overlooking the lake, you can see some of the stretches of the ride called Cruce del Lagarto, where the true skills of mountain biking are put to the test. With an extension of approximately 51 kilometers, of which 75% are without road and 25% with asphalt, this event will cross the community of La Chorrera, leaving from Lake La Arenosa to Leona beach on the Pacific coast.

The route of this crossing begins with abundant vegetation and some elevations, to then continue with narrower roads and muddy terrain. During the crossing, you will run into cattle and pineapple fincas from the owners of the Panama area, to finally reach a ravine, where you will have time to wash your bicycle.

If you want more adventure tourism, the crossing of the isthmus is considered one of the toughest resistance routes in Panama. It consists of crossing the isthmus of the country, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, passing through the lake and roads without asphalt. After knowing those landscapes, we are sure that you will want some of the many fincas for sale in Panama, equal or more beautiful than those you have known so far.

Housing communities in Panama with sustainable fincas

Investing in real estate in Panama has become one of the economic activities with more boom in recent years, due to the interesting offer of properties for sale in Panama. Day by day, the number of communities of fincas in Panama and land for sale in Panama is growing at unexpected levels. The reasons are more than clear, after discovering the wonders of the area.

If your intention is to invest in real estate in front of the lake, it would be interesting to know the area in depth-first. For that, you will need to consult what are the options of visa services in Panama, and thus travel smoothly. After that, when you have fallen in love with the beaches, trails and new fincas in Panama, it will be your turn to contact those who know more about sustainable real estate: Panama Portfolio, a community developer with 12 years of experience in fincas with solar panels, which will also help you at all times with visa procedures.

On the other hand, if what you choose is not the fincas in Panama, but rather a house in front of the lake for sale, the real estate companies of Panama, such as Panama Portfolio, will advise you in the best way so that your dream to live One of Panama’s large fincas in the Gatun area can very soon become a reality.