The value of a property facing the lake and its location

Looking for land for sale in Panama? In any case, you must know that the value of the real estate in Panama, beyond its characteristics, varies ostensibly depending on the location in which they are located. In this sense, having a house near Lake Gatún is very valuable. From Panama Portfolio we want to explain everything you need to know about it.

How does location influence the value of real estate facing the lake?

The location, in terms of the fincas for sale in Panama, influences both the cost and the equipment that is available in itself. And is that, in many cases, the fact that it is sustainable fincas or fincas with solar panels does not affect so strongly on the value of the real estate as its location. These are the reasons that explain that the villas in the Lake of Panama have that value and can be considered as a profitable investment for all purposes:

  • The views
    It is estimated that, approximately, fincas in Panama located in the vicinity of a lake, a river or a natural landscape of similar characteristics, cost between 15% and 20% more. This is increased even more when it comes to fincas in Panama with direct access to the beach. At the end of the day, having properties close to the lake and areas authorized for recreation and private and family leisure is a luxury that we all want to access.
  • Safety
    Another key aspect for those interested in properties in Panama. In this sense, a house near the lake for sale offers the guarantee of inhabiting a very safe place. In fact, all those that are part of these communities are located in rural communities in Panama, where it is possible to access practically all the services that may be needed. Undoubtedly, this factor around the location of these fincas for sale in Panama is also different.
  • Quick access
    Real estate companies in Panama are also aware that road accessibility has a considerable impact on the cost of the fincas that are part of the housing communities of Panama. In this sense, what is sought is not that they are close to a motorway or highway, but that they are relatively isolated but that they can be accessed in a few minutes. This requirement is more than fulfilled by the fincas in Panama located near a lake such as Gatún.
  • The sustainability
    It may seem that the location does not have a direct relationship with the country’s sustainable real estate. However, it is not like that. For example, Gatún is a perfect place for the construction of fincas with solar panels, since there is enough space for it and, in addition, the climate is ideal.

The advantages of real estate near a lake with respect to a house in Panama

Finding a house within these fincas for sale in Panama will offer you many benefits. Keep in mind that acquiring one of them in front of the lake will give you the possibility to breathe fresh air every day, enjoy plenty of space at your disposal or even enjoy your favorite animals. Do not forget that many of these farm communities in Panama have specific facilities for horses, for example.

Undoubtedly, these are advantages provided by the fincas in Lake Panama and that you will not be able to experience in urban centers located in the middle of the historic centers of any city.

The cost of the homes that are part of the fincas in Panama facing the lake

This is a difficult question to determine since it depends on various factors beyond its location. However, we can say that this aspect can mean that your home is worth around $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 more just because it is located in a place like the one around Gatun. Easily, the cost can go up to $ 500,000.

Buy a piece of land or a house by the lake?

In Panama Portfolio we can not only help you find fincas and properties with such emblematic locations as Barro Colorado or the vicinity of Gatun Lake. Also, in case you come from abroad and are interested in acquiring a property as valuable as any of these, you should know that we will offer you the visa services in Panama that you need. In this way, you will not have to worry about anything that has to do with the residence documentation and the property itself. Without a doubt, this is a unique opportunity to find a house facing the lake where you can fulfill your dreams. Do not wait any longer to call us!