Unmissable destinations next to Lake Gatún

Area praised by foreigners and nationals, with more than 400 square kilometers, an ideal place for freshwater fishing, Gatun Lake has become the paradise where thousands of people aim to buy land near it and enjoy this activity.

The tourist site is recognized worldwide for its shore of more than 1700 kilometers overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, located only 10 kilometers away. Because it is part of the Panama Canal, it is also considered an architectural jewel located in a strategic location, away from the hustle and bustle of any house in the center of Panama.

During the dry season is when more tourists visit this destination, since the same members of the rural community in the lake assure that the full moon transforms the water into a truly visual and hypnotic spectacle. Did you feel like acquiring a farm near the lake?

Lakefront Properties: the perfect investment

The resplendent Gatun Lake was created in 1913 and considered the largest in the world. Today, the town of Arenosa inhabits 400 people and expands by leaps and bounds due to the demand of many new visitors who try to invest in some of the properties, such as those we offer in Lago Gatun Fincas.

The concept of Lake of Panama

Many will wonder why so many people want to buy a property near the lake, and the answer is very simple: for the endless destinations and activities that can be done in the area, without moving too much from Lago Gatun Fincas. Next, we will check this with an interesting list of places to visit, all of them near the lake and even accessible by boat.

Boat trip on the lake

Among the thousands of attractions that will surprise you, you will find vast kilometers of tropical jungle, islands, mountains, the most beautiful fincas of Panama and animals, such as monkeys, sloths, iguanas, crocodiles, and exotic tropical birds. And if you want to make a stop, do not miss the natural pool, whose water comes from a spring.

Likewise, if you are a lover of activities where your role is more active, the lake also offers entertainment for all ages, such as hiking, aerial tramway and wide spaces for fishing, in an incomparable natural setting overflowing with stillness and serenity, in The average annual temperature is 25ºC.

See the beauty of the Gatun Dam

Another of the many benefits of investing in properties near the lake is to have the large land dam on the Chagres River, very close to the town of Gatún. On the other hand, after a few minutes, you will discover a spa with a viewpoint and sites such as Lagarterita, especially for fishermen on the wide pier that is deployed on its shores.

National park Sovereignty: guaranteed delight

Live specifically in this area, have many more advantages. To continue the list of attractions, we can not overlook this park, located along the east bank of the canal. With almost 20,000 hectares, you will be amazed to discover 105 species of mammals, 79 of reptiles, 525 of birds, 36 of freshwater fish and 55 of amphibians.

Added to this, the renowned Soberania National Park has six natural trails, where visitors and natives interact throughout the tropical rainforest.

The hidden secrets of Barro Colorado

If you decide to acquire one of the Lago Gatun Fincas properties, you will have at your fingertips the famous 15 square kilometer island, whose particularity is the installation of one of the oldest tropical research stations in the world. There, in Barro Colorado, thousands of scientists study biology, ecology, evolution and animal behavior.

This island is home to almost 400 species of birds, about 500 different kinds of butterflies and 500 varieties of trees. We recommend that you attend with guides who will invite you to explore the most eccentric trails, to discover the scientific discoveries of the island.

Bet on sustainable fincas

After knowing the beauties that the area offers, we know that you will decide to invest in a property near the lake; but before that, a good way to complete the purchase is to know in person the chosen area. For that, you will need to consult for visa services in Panama.

Similarly, if you intend to invest in Lago Gatun Fincas, the experienced rural community developer Panama Portfolio will advise you in a professional manner, suggesting the care of the environment through sustainable properties such as, for example, the well-known sustainable fincas with solar panels.

Finally, if you happen to be part of the fortunate owners of the properties in Lago Gatun Fincas, specifically, you will only have to rest, walk and be thankful for the beautiful views you will have from any angle for the rest of your days.